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FACTS ABOUT California’s Heavy-Duty Vehicle Inspection Program

The Air Resources Board (ARB) – All California-based truck and bus fleets of two or more heavy-duty vehicles (gross vehicle rating over 14,000 pounds; except for 1998 and older, the rating is 6,000 pounds) are required to perform annual smoke and tamper inspections on their fleet.

Fleet owners are not required to inspect vehicles that are power by diesel engines until their fourth model year (example: 2010 year engines must have their test completed by January 1, 2014.  A 2010 model year engine must be tested sometime during 2014 or it will be in violation of PSIP).

Heavy-duty diesel-powered vehicles that are not part of a fleet or are exclusively for personal use are exempt.

To ensure compliance, ARB will randomly audit fleets’ maintenance and inspection records, and test a representative sample of vehicles.

For more information visit: Periodic Smoke Inspections