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Environmental Factors on RV Generator Cooling

Generators, similar to any engine system, need cool air while running. Cummins Power Generation designs generator to manage airflow across all components to maintain a cool temperature. Many factors go into the design of a generator to ensure proper airflow. Components like the enclosure, service door placement, base pan geometry, and blower wheel design play large roles in ensuring proper ventilation inside the generator.

While the generators have been optimized for cooling internally, there is one key factor that cannot be controlled: the environment.  Where the generator lives can play a big role in how the generator’s cooling system performs.

Don’t Block Generator Airflow

  • Watch out for curbs, hills and walls (don’t lean anything alongside the generator area)
  • Don’t place camping equipment(coolers, chairs, etc.) under generator.
  • When leveling, don’t get too close to the ground or other objects.
  • Check how much dirt and debris it’s kicking up while running
  • Open the generator compartment door (not the generator door) when parked if experiencing lots of heat getting trapped underneath the coach.

Be Mindful of Environmental Factors

  • Wind direction can keep hot at the generator
  • Generator location on the RV – hot air from the generator or engine can get trapped under coach

Overheat Situation

  • Generator area heats up after shutting down
  • Don’t restart right away
  • Open generator door if needed
  • Wait 5-10 minutes, then try again