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Kevin’s Korner

By Kevin Thompson


  • Rincon for all your motorhome needs.A roadside repair kit is always a good thing to have for those just-in-case times. Items would include: all pertinent fluids; oil, coolant, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, spare engine belt(s), spare hub cap kit for wheel bearings, wheel seals for front and back axles (wheel seal replacement should only be performed by a professional repair facility, but having the parts with you will save time when you are on the road), and a good set of hand tools.
  • Owners of coaches should have the engine and generator serviced every 6 months at least. If you only use your coach once a year or less, change the oil and filters at least once a year.
  • A good way to cut down the cost and time consuming breakdowns on vacation is to have a motorhome inspection done at least a month prior to your trip. Some motorhome parts are difficult to obtain in a timely manner.
  • ALWAYS check tire pressure before every trip! Tire pressure specifications are located on the VIN data tag, normally located near the driver’s seat.
  • The rubber used in tires only has a 6-year shelf life, your tires may still look great but the rubber may be breaking down and that is a blowout waiting to happen.
  • Having problems getting the main engine started due to low batteries? Try starting up the generator and letting it run for about 20 minutes, then press and hold the battery boost switch to get the engine going. (note: some coaches will not have a battery boost switch)
  • If you don’t store your coach in a covered storage area, solar panels can be a great alternative to leaving it plugged into shore power and is less harmful to the house batteries.
  • If you have a 2007 engine or newer your unit will be equipped with an emission system, either a diesel particulate filter (DPF) or both a DPF and a selective catalytic reduction system (SCR). With these new systems you will have new warning lights’ here is a quick reference card with usefully information on the new warning lights.

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